My Pixie Services

From the magical stretches of Pixie Land I will come to join and entertain at parties! I tell the children stories of my travels and of Pixie land, and then begin my active and fun-filled 2 hour show.

I am happy to work at parties big or small, from a tea party for 5 children, to a birthday celebration for 50 children - it's my passion to come and entertain! I primarily work with children between the ages of 3-6 and cover any areas within London, Surrey and Hertfordshire. If you wish to find out more about the areas I work within please visit my Contact Page.

I always arrive prior to the start of the party, to ensure I can meet the children as they arrive. The main show lasts for roughly 2 hours and consists of 2 parts. Below is a breakdown of what I get up to with the children during the party.


1st Hour

Reach For The Stars

The children join and copy me dancing to Reach For The Stars, a great and fun filled Pixie dance guaranteed to get everyone's energy levels up.

Balloon Modelling & Comedy

At this part of the show I sculpt a special balloon for the birthday child and get everybody into fits of laughter during my very silly comedy act!

Magic Show

Here the birthday boy/girl becomes the STAR of the show by joining me in performing a magic trick or two, after which they will receive another special prize and magical certificate for their help.


Don't let the children catch me falling into a Pixie sleep on my box or they will have to wake me, and Pixies sleep very deeply!

Party Games

All the children join me in various party games such as Musical statues and Pass the Parcel, both with a magical Pixie twist. A guest appearance will be made from my puppet friend Rocky the Racoon, who will join in the games, adding to the fun and laughter.

A special birthday song with actions will be sung to the birthday boy/girl before heading off in a fantastic and fun Congo line to tea and the second hour's worth of activity.

2nd Hour

I lead the children off in a Congo line to their tea, wobbling left and right to the sound of my Pixie music.

Option 1

Balloon Twisting

During tea, I will work my way around the children and make them a balloon each to take home with them. Every child is included and the birthday boy/girl even gets an extra special treat on top.

Puppet Show

After tea, I gather the children to sit around my puppet booth where they follow me on my adventures and hear stories of Tiny Tim's misfortunes with Princess Alice and the Wicked Witch.

Old McDonald

During this song six volunteers join and help me fill the missing animal noises with added actions. Great fun for the children to get involved!

Option 2

Face Painting

The children come and sit on my Pixie stool one by one and have their face painted. I endeavour to fulfil every child's requests, whilst ensuring the birthday child gets an extra something special!


Whilst the children wait for face painting, they can dance to their favourite Pixie songs at my mini disco!

Additional Information

To see me in action at past parties, please visit my Gallery. For feedback and testimonials on my past parties, please feel free to browse through my Reviews. Of course, the services listed above do not have to run strictly as they are laid out, any bespoke needs or special requirements can be catered for. Please feel free to Contact Me with any questions or queries on my services, or if you would like to book me for an upcoming party.

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